Elite Cycle 1
Model: Leva Livet

Assignment 1: Predator and Prey
(Just so you know, I hate this picture so much. Lol.)

Assignment 2: Jail Bait
(First edited picture for a competition ever. Fun facts.)

Assignment 3: Good & Evil Comic
(Featuring Payton and Shelbie Love!)

Assignment 4: Capturing Spring
(I'm not too fond of this picture either, but I won 2nd in this round)

Assignment 5: Charmed Fantasy Ad
(This ad is in Charmed Issue one. I enjoyed this assignment
 so much that I am now apart of the magazine team!)

Assignment 6: RAWR!
(I'm actually pretty proud of this one.)

Assignment 7: Pet Peeve
(This was a pretty laid back assignment. I did everything in about an hour. Lol.)

Assignment 8: Home away from Home
(This pic brought be into the finale! Yay!)

FINALE: Illusion
(Yay! My hair drawing in this looks decent!)

**Scoring in progress**
(fingers are crossed!)